Responsive web design

When the concept of websites was invented, people were amazed at how one could easily contact and communicate, to some extent showcase themselves across the world so easily. All you needed was a desktop PC with an internet connection.

Then everyone started loving it and companies started developing numerous mobile devices capable of browsing the internet.

With so many devices, each varying in display size and capacity, things soon went out of hand. People were stuck with a big display that a website could use only 20% of. The entire page was displayed in a corner. In smaller displays, it took ages trying to scroll from one end to the other.

The solution came from an innovation called responsive websites. A single webpage was designed that automatically detects the size of the display and adjusts the size of its contents to use the entire display size, maximizing user pleasure and ease. But the benefits not only stop there.

The Savings factor
Responsive websites
are cheap. Before the advent of such a system, companies used to have separate websites for separate devices. As one can see, catering to all segments of customers in this regard could get way out of hand in the annual budget meetings.

There are numerous devices that people use to access the internet and all of them vary. From Android and Windows mobiles to Apple devices, iPads tablets etc. Having a website for each will be VERY costly. Responsive websites provide an easy cost effective solution to this problem.

The time factor
There is a lot of time saved in switching to responsive websites as you do not have the burden to design a page for each device separately. A single web design template can serve all display sizes with a simple coding that adapts the viewing experience to suit display size variations. Time is saved in updating the contents as well. In responsive websites, there is no question of updating a different page for each platform.

Advantages of a new technology
Responsive websites
are still at their infancy. So there is a huge chance that your competitor hasn’t implemented it yet and there are even chances that he may not have even heard of it yet. Use this to your advantage and soon, you can outshine them easily in customer attraction.

The stress factor
Maintaining so many sites for different platforms is never easy and there is a lot of stress involved. Each site for each platform will need to be monitored separately and maintained for smooth operation. Needless to say, if all of that work can be cut out with only one design needing to be looked after, well, we are looking at a major stress reliever.

The conversion factor
As users will have a smooth experience visiting your page, there are more chances of visits being converted into sales. Besides, users do not need to remember different sites to visit from different devices. If you are used to browsing a webpage from your PC, and some day you need to access it from your iPhone, you may have a hard time remembering a different web address to access the same site. With responsive websites, the adaptive web program takes care of it all. All the user has to do is enter the same address.

Responsive websites are the evolution the internet needed. And the sooner you implement it, the better off you will be.

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