Branding, Logos & Stationery

Branding, Logos & Stationery

A consistent and memorable brand is important to any business seeking to grow and engage with its intended audience.

Branding is first and foremost a business process that is planned, strategised and integrated throughout an organisation. Your brand is the answer to a simple question – “What makes you so special?”. This simple proposition becomes your promise that every aspect of your business activity should be structured to deliver against.

We understand that each business is different and that the branding will vary. We get to know your needs and requirements and provide you with the graphics solution that you can showcase to your clients.

Utilise our creative skills and together we can create the advertisement, brochure, logo, stationery, catalogues, leaflets or newsletters that convey what your business, product or service is all about.

Logo Design & Company Stationery

Every business needs an identity that reflects its strengths. At Seen Designs, we look at your overall business and come up with a brand strategy which we then incorporate into your logo and company stationery.

We can also look after your printing needs.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

A successful brand strategy is built around three basic components:

  • A clearly articulated business strategy / business plan with a view of the scale and scope of the business, and how you plan to compete.
  • Deep customer insights and an understanding of the evolving nature of different target segments that make up your target market, and the associated demand and competition across the online landscape.
  • A clear picture as to the role of your brand which will shape many strategic decisions during the brand development process.

Brand Creation & Application

Getting under the skin of your brand, the products you sell and what the brand means to both you and your customers is essential in helping us to gain that crucial insight we need to create something really special. Close collaboration, immersion in your target market and proactive research enables us to create brands that cut through the competition.

Brand Guidelines

Creating a consistent brand experience is vital to those who engage with your brand on a daily basis. This consistency is achieved by establishing and creating the key components of your identity and pulling them together to form one simple guideline document for all to use.

As part of a branding/rebranding process we recommend creating guidelines from the outset. This will help the implementation of the brand, educate your employees and provide brand foundations for the future development of your business. Guidelines should not restrict the creative process but set simple rules to help reinforce a consistent brand look & feel.

A typical brand guidelines document would consist of logo variants and usage instructions, defined colour palettes and colour breakdowns, font usage (on and offline), photographic style & content and a tone-of-voice.